This is the preliminary schedule. The organizers will make adjustments when necessary.

Friday 13 July
21:00-03:00dj Elisabetta Piro (I) Muziekgebouw
03:00-06:00dj Lucas Malec (ARG)Room 28, Lloyd Hotel
Saturday 14 July
15:00-18:00dj Zinta Beimane (LAT) Room 28, Lloyd Hotel
20:00-03:00dj Alexey Sokolovskiy (D/RUS) Muziekgebouw
03:00-06:00dj Lucas Malec (ARG)Room 28, Lloyd Hotel
Sunday 15 July
15:00-18:00dj Jimini Hignett (NL)Room 28, Lloyd Hotel
19:00-00:00dj Toufik Cherifi (B)Muziekgebouw

The tangomarathon will take place in the main hall of the building, like the five marathons, here we can host upto 280 dancers.

The outside terrace is huge. Both from the terrace and the main hall (since the wall is made of glass, the view is spectacular, overlooking the IJ harbour, looking west. So a splendid sunset is guaranteed every night!
Occasionally, large ocean cruiseships leave port, giving the dancers an even more spectacular view. No guarantees that this will happen though during the marathon...

The afterparties to the tangomarathon will traditionally be held at the Lloyd Hotel from 03:00-06:00 (or later...) Your dj for the night will be our local (and international) hero Lucas Malec (ARG), who proved himself to be an outstanding inspirator to hardcore dancers.

This year, for the first time, we have also scheduled the matinees in the more intimate Lloyd hotel from 15:00-18:00. On Saturday we welcome dj Zinta Beimane from Riga.